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Lavida Pineapple

Looking Back At Pineapple History!

This fruit is believed to have originated in Brazil in South America and later brought to Europe. Christopher Colombus is said to have discovered the fruit on the island of Guadeloupe and coined the term ‘Pina de indes’or pine of the Indians. It was termed by the native people as ‘nana’ meaning the ‘excellent fruit’. These pineapples were imported and cultivated in Europe and it soon became among the likings of the royal families in Europe. It also became a favourite tropical fruit of George Washington in 1751.


It quickly spread to India, Asia, and the West Indies. With the introduction of pineapples in Hawaii, commercial cultivation of pineapples and large scale industries were started by the US companies. Today, there are many countries involved in the pineapple industry including Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, China, and Asia.

Tips For A Pineapple Lifestyle

How do you choose your Pineapple?

Unlike bananas, pineapple does not ripen further once they are harvested. Hence, the color or texture does not determine the ripeness. Choose a pineapple that’s firm and has a strong fresh pineapple smell and you’re good to go.

How to store your pineapples?

Pineapples last longer when refrigerated. You can also refrigerate freshly cut pineapples. If stored in room temperature, they must be consumed within a few days.

How to easily slice the pineapple?

Firstly, cut off the crown and bottom. Slice away the exterior in strips, deep enough to remove the eyes. Then you can easily slice them into halves or small pieces as you wish.


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